The Artisan Made Handbag vs the Mass Produced Investment Handbag

The Artisan Made Handbag vs the Mass Produced Investment Handbag

The Mass Produced “Investment” Bag

Everywhere I go these days, I see women carrying a Louis Vittion bag.  I mean a lot of women, all ages and everywhere I go –at work, the grocery store, the movies.   At the nail salon the other day, every woman at the 6 drying stages had a LV bag next to her.  Now don’t get me wrong – the bags are beautiful just like most Coach, Pradas, Michael Kors bags, et al, are.  I see those everywhere too. It somehow feels like the status and the uniqueness of these Designer handbags has become watered down somewhat.   You can find a Coach or Michael Kors outlet store at almost any Outlet Shopping Mall making those brands devalued as they attract people who don’t want to pay their full price.

Discovering Handmade Bags from Global Artisans

When you choose a unique handmade bag – you allow your unique style to shine through.  Parisian women love to accessorize to make a statement and by not overdoing it with their clothes, they can choose a unique bag as a colorful piece for a fun weekend or a subtle style for work.   You are sure to get the "oohs" and the "aahs" when you buy a beautiful, unique and well-made handbag!

Buy An Artisan Made Handbag And Make An Impact

Bagavond has carefully selected Global artisan designers who are masters of their craft and are passionate about design and detail and have spent their lives creating product that tell their stories, and their labors of love are evident.  Unfortunately, most of them lack modern conveniences to reach a big market for their work.  When you buy one of their products, you allow the artist to put food on the table and take care of their families.   They get a fair price for their artwork; you get a beautiful product. It is a situation we would call win-win.

Help Us Continue Our Search for Incredibly Beautiful Designers

We hope you enjoy looking at our collection of Designers and their items!   You can help us add to our growing family of Designers by letting us know what you are looking for and what country and culture inspires you.   Your inspiration and ideas will inspire us to pick up our suitcases and find our next Designer!

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