Mo Bacchus

Mo Bacchus

Mo Bacchus - Founded in 2004

Style started for me with my grandmother's gold powder compact and the way she took it  from black patent leather handbag with tan suede interior. For a little seven year old girl this conjured up a wonderful feeling before I understood  the words fashion and style.  My grandmother was a seamstress and businesswoman who used her talent to feed her family and educate her daughter privately. My grandmother passed her passion for sewing and crafts to her daughter, who used those skills to make beautiful clothes for her children and soft furnishings for our home.

When I was a child, I remember my mother traveling from Hackney to Selfridges with my brother and me to buy us quality shoes and treat us to salt beef sandwiches.

When I grew up, I became a professional dancer and worked in film, stage and television, but it was at 19, while living and working in Italy, that I hooked up with my life long friends, fashion and style. Together we loved shoes and handbags!

I grew up a bit more and became a mum. Leaving a dance career to become a business graduate, but passion for fashion and style never left my side. Like my mother and grandmother, I have always sewn and created clothes. So it was not really a shock that when the chips were down I decided to create cloth bags, which I mixed with leather remnants to sell.  One of my customers suggested I go to Portobello Market to sell them. To my surprise people loved the bags and they sold out! I realized I had a talent for designing handbags!!